5 Juices To Try This Week

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

After a month of eating out while my new home has been getting ready, I can’t even begin to tell you how good it feels to start my day with a  juice! The main problem with eating out everyday, no matter how good you are with your ordering, is not only that the food is too high in fat and calories, but the bigger problem is that commercially prepped meals are too low in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Juicing moderately for a month is a great strategy to get the good stuff into your digestion and into every cell of your body within minutes! I make up for some of the lost fibre by taking a tsp. of pure natural psyllium husk in water with the same meal. Here are 5 juices to try this week .

1 ) Heart Warmer

Ingredients- 1/4 Apple +

2 inch piece of ginger (adjust amount to taste, this is the full dose for those who can take the heat) +

1 cucumber

Benefits- Ginger is one of the best anti inflammatory foods. It not only eases inflammation in the stomach and intestines but is one of the best cures for indigestion, gas, bloating, nausea and head aches.Ginger is also great for curing colds, coughs and flu.

The cucumber helps in cooling the heat off as you down it while adding all it’s alkalinity to neautralise blood PH.

The apple adds a tinge of sweetness making it a great way to start the day.

This is a fab juice for anyone suffering for digestive disorders especially IBS and leaky gut syndrome.

2) The Big Red


1 cup Cauliflower +

1/2 Beet +

1/2 cucumber +

1 carrot

Benefits: Cauliflower is loaded with antioxidants to counter free radical damage done to our cells through pollutants. It is especially soothing to our gut health.

The beet helps flush the liver of toxicity which the body may be unable to detox on its own. It’s also a boon to anyone suffering with anemia or low hemoglobin. A must have to counter ill effects of OD-ing on alcohol.

Cucumber will hydrate your skin from within adding much needed alkalinity to the bloodstream.

Carrot will pump you up with precious betacarotene adding to stronger eyesight and a lovely warm hue to the skin.

3) Flower Power


1 cup broccoli +

1/2 cucumber +

1/2 apple +

juice of 1/2 a lime .

Benefits- Broccoli has shown to help in preventing cancer cells in the body. It also aids in regulating blood pressure and building strong bones and teeth. When we cook broccoli we decrease it’s cruciferous powers. By juicing broccoli we imbibe all it’s super powers untainted. Needless to say, pls make sure you wash the broccoli well and check if worms! Otherwise you may imbibe undesirable digestive powers . Coupled with the moisture and alkalinity of the cucumber, the tangy vitamin C of the Indian lime and the sweetness of the Washington apple, this is my winner of the week. I usually avoid adding fruit to my morning veggie juice through the week and save it for Sundays. Hope you enjoy it too. Pls remember to replace the lost fibre with a tsp of psyllium husk in water.

4 ) Liquid Salad

Ingredients –  1 cup baby organic spinach +

1 cucumber +

1 carrot +

1 thick stall of celery.

Benefits –  Spinach boosts iron levels in our blood. Celery will neutralise heavy metal toxicity if any. Carrot adds the sparkle to our eye and lustre to our skin. Cucumber is for moisture and alkalinity. All in all a vitamin express! Remember to replace the lost fibre by having a tsp. of psyllium husk in a glass of water.

5 ) Metabolic Booster


Kale +


Organic baby spinach +

Fresh coriander+

Juice of 1 lime +

A good hit of cayenne pepper+


I could swear that my skin actually feels nourished and soft within mins of downing it!

Please, leave any questions, or comments below and  please remember to take pictures when you  try the juices and tag me. I’d love to see how creative you can get with the recipes.