Setting Up Your Fitness Kitchen 


Meal prep and cooking, for me, is an art and science of:

1. Making meals intriguing and creative 
2. That will appeal to the eye
3. Be tasty
4. Meet our psychological needs 
5. Be easily Digested
6. Provide maximum nourishment at minimum calories

I will be sharing this Art and Science in a fun entertaining way, through a series of workshops starting April 4th. 
But it all starts with having the right resources in your kitchen and a basic understanding of how to translate nutrition into FOOD and measure it. To me there’s nothing more crucial! I created it out of necessity for my one on one clients. Now I’m sharing it with others like because I know how frustrating not knowing what to eat can be, even after buying 1000 diet plans that never work 😅

Learn the science and art and you’ll never need to buy or follow another marketing driven diet/fad again. That’s my promise.